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If you are interested in reading about Bali: You will find text following the pictures.
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Bali – The Island of the Gods

There are probably the most Hindu temples worldwide in Bali relative to the population. Besides to the official praying sites every house got a temple for daily offerings. Incense smoke is rising everywhere to the Gods telling them that humans are doing their best to follow the rules the immortals set for them.

Nature is lovely on the Island. From lush rice fields, to blue waves with agile surfers, to volcanoes covered by clouds, the dive sites are amazing. Bali seems to have it all.

But its popularity makes the island pay a price in environmental problems. The waste management is not good enough for the rising numbers of tourists and locals who flock from all the Indonesian Archipelago to live on the relatively prosperous island.

To take photos on Bali means to be offered an incredible abundance of possibilities. The locals are friendly with photographers, the traditional clothing is very photogenic as are the beautiful women and children, the green and the blue and the beauty of almost everything – even the huge garbage pile is special for a photographer.