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Michael Joerg Haas Photography


Photo services

I offer all kind of photo services:

Wedding photography, prewedding or on your wedding day, do something you have always dreamt of. 

Outdoor companion (rock climbing, hiking) photography.  

City photography with you, your family, your partner, surf photography, underwater photography, anniversary and portrait photography.  

If there is something else you are interested in - please let me know. 



As a rule of thump and to make it easy to calculate: 

Prices are 70 Euro per working hour. Traveling fees and extra costs may apply if special equipment and/or special preparation is necessary.

Minimum: 2 hours. This includes a minimum of 40 selected raw photos and 10 edited photos. In each additional hour will be added a minimum of 10 more raw photos and 5 more edited photos. 

For more information, please contact me: 


Michael Haas or 

Surfing information in Da Nang: The best surfshop I know is with Gunnar and Thom. They also offer nice rooms for rent just a 5 minutes walk to the waves. 

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