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If you are interested in reading about Cameroon: You will find text following the pictures.
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Cameroon is a country in Central - Westafrica.

I spent ten months there - mostly in Yaoundé (the capital) with trips to Bouea, Limbé and Kribi. 

Yaoundé is a fascinating place in which I commuted to work on a skateboard. The eyes of the children who were looking at the crazy man were reward enough for the challenge. 
There are several hills in Yaoundé and I admit that I carried the longboard instead of rolling the steep streets. 

I spent some weekends in Bafia which is about 60 kilometers North of Yaoundé. I was a refreshing change to be more in the countryside out of the bad air. 
The buses were packed densely with people and seats for two were used by three. 

Other weekends happened in Kribi a seaside town about 100 kilometers South of Douala. The buses were always leaving when they were full. So patience could be tested when going somewhere. 

It was a great experience to climb Mount Cameroon and be on the summit on my birthday. 
Mount Cameroon is more than 4000 meters high. You can find more in the linke above. 

Cameroon was a German "colony" from 1884 to 1916 and the Germans have a relatively good image in the minds of the Cameroonians. In 1916 the Germans were overthrown by French and British forces. 

Besides all fascinating landscape and cultural learning, like dance classes provided by my students to the teacher, I love the people of Cameroon. 

Hopefully I will be back in Cameroon some day to connect again with the spirit of the lions.