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Michael Joerg Haas Photography

If you are interested in reading about Diving: You will find text following the pictures.
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As a little boy I always dreamt about the adventures of Hans Hass (double s, not double a!) and did not believe that one day I might be able to do underwater photography of sharks or sunfish. 

I love diving and lived the dream in Bali for 11 years. The last five years there was no scuba diving. But the memories are alive and I will back under the surface of the sea. 

The underwater adventures begann in München where a patient scuba instructor - Monika Michl - taught me not to hold my breath when diving with a scuba tank. The first free water dives where in lake Starnberg, near Berg. It was terrible cold and the visibility was around three meters. 

The dive sites I have visited are Palau, the Great Barrier Reef, different sites in the Philippines, different sites in Thailand, Utro on Shiretoko - Hokkaido Japan, different sites in Indonesia. 

Most of my time underwater was spent in Bali with incredible beautiful encounters of all kind of friends. 
At Batu Aba (Nusa Penida) there were two dolphins for just a moment. 
At the Liberty Wreck (Tulamben) were sunfish, often a huge barracuda and a lot of tropical reef fish. Here you can find a dive
guide about Bali. 

Mindful diving could bring about feelings of unity very similar to those feelings in meditation.

Here you can find a recently uploaded
video which I found on a hard drive (indicating an old site and telephone number - my apologies for this). 

Da Nang November, 2019,  far away from dive sites, but close to the Ocean.