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Michael Joerg Haas Photography


In the galleries you find all kind of photos – from seascape, to people, animals, landscapes, cities, surfing, underwater, makros; just name it. There are galleries of Bali, Cameroon, Thailand and Vietnam and there are more countries (or islands) going to be added.

The borders of the galleries are not sharp. There can be a crocodile in the animals gallery or in the Thailand. And sometimes it might even be in both. 

I love to wander around with my camera, smile at people and show them that I want to take a photo. Sometimes they agree.

I enjoy wandering around and watch out for cats with their secret nightly life. Sometimes they look at me with big round eyes and allow to document what they are up to.

City lights, street photography is fascinating and not very predictable in its outcome.

I butterfly enjoying a beautiful flower.

A little dog playing with a ball.

The galleries are constantly changing.

Photos are coming and going, my likes are changing, too.
The galleries are growing. 

But, sure: I try to adapt to the likes and interests of my customers.