Michael Joerg Haas Photography

If you are interested in reading about Landscape: You will find text following the pictures.
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Landscape, Forests, Plants

I love to take photos of landscape, of majestic trees, tropical rain forests, of beautiful flowers visited by bumble bees.


Everything is connected. When Mother Earth is not well, it´s impossible for the human race to stay healthy. 
The water we drink has been watering trees, supporting the life of animals for billions of years. 

It is healthy to spend time in forests, it is good to live in contact with nature. 

We can see this in some photos when we look deeply, when we see behind the surface.

Have a look at the clouds, at the color of the sky. Be there at sunset time, at sunrise. 
See the wonders of the world, its beauty. Be open and let the camera be an extension of your soul.