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Love of the Sea

Scientist say that our origin lies in the oceans. Maybe we remember this when we are in touch with the sea.

Diving, surfing or just sitting at the beach.

For seascape photography it is essential to get up early and take photos at sunrise time. Or go to the beach at sunset time and be ready for the color display of the sky. 


I may be a dolphin in my next life.

Or a reef shark, a lion fish or a sea eagle.

The sea is unbelievably powerful. From Hawaii where the volcanoes meet the water, where Pele, the Goddess reigns, to Japan with its volcanoes and the sacred Mount Fuji, to the Philippines with surfing island Siargao and much more. I did not mention Bali with its threatened surreal beauty – threatened because of a garbage problem which is notorious for us humans of the 21st century.
Will we solve the crisis of Mother Nature as a part of Nature? Will we finally overcome war and put the money for killing machines in preserving our Blue Planet.

Let´s hope so – It´s not so hard afterall, right.

Mui Né, January 2020