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If you are interested in reading about Thailand: You will find text following the pictures.
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                Thailand - The Land of One Million Smiles
I love Thailand also because of these smiles. People are very friendly if they are not spoilt by tourism. If you speak some Thai words the Thais would definitely appreciate it. 
Bangkok is a metropolis full of contrasts from very poor to incredibly rich, from very modern to very traditional. 
Thailand is covered with beauty, from sandy beaches to mountains and cliffs, from old temples to winding rivers. 
There are millions of subjects for photographers. 
I have been many times in Thailand: My favorite area in Bangkok is near the river banks of the Chao Phraya. I followed the birthplace of the mighty river some years ago on a bicycle. It is near Nakhon Sawan where two rivers flow together, merge to the Chao Phraya. I biked along the river to Bangkok and to his mouth a little bit south in Samut Prakan. 
An impressive city on the way is Ayutthaya about 50 kilometers North of Bangkok. It´s an old imperial town which was destroyed by the troops of Burma (today: Myanmar) in the 18th century. 
I spent time in Isaan (East Thailand), a region of agriculture and poverty where the rice fields are moving in the wind like waves. The people of the region are laid-back and hard working to make a living. 
Surin, a major city there is famous for its elephant festival. 
I spent some time in Chiang Mai a beautiful city in the North of Thailand. There is a majestic temple Doi Suthep in the mountains not too far away from hill tribes. The hill tribes have a distinct culture not connected to their Thai nationality. 
Chiang Mai is also the starting point for a popular motorbike trip named Mae Hong Son Loop which is quite a challenge and needs proper equipment because it can be very cold. 
Not far from Chiang Rai (about 2 hours from Chiang Mai) you can cross the mighty Mekong river and arrive in Laos (in Huay Xai).
I visited the Southwest with Phuket which is a great island with beautiful beaches and green hills. There is good diving at the Similan Islands where underwater wanderers do sometimes encounter whale sharks. 
Krabi is a special treat for rock climbing enthusiasts. It offers walls for beginners and experts alike. 
Some years ago I climbed the Thaiwand Wall which is four pitches. The top offers a magnificent view over sea and rocks. 
Sure, there is much more to write and I might continue another time. 
In case you need someone to cover your adventures with photography. This can be arranged. Best regards - Michael