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Michael Joerg Haas Photography

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If you are interested in reading about Vietnam: You will find text following the pictures. 
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Vietnam is a country in South East Asia. Neighboring to the North is China, to the West Laos, Southwest Cambodia. The population is around 95 million.

Vietnam is known for fighting bravely against the USA, not giving up until the enemy left the country in 1975.
The US military is responsible for the death of millions of Vietnamese – mostly civilians. The use of agent orange, a defoliant, is causing genetic disorder and is leading till now to babies born with genetic defects.

Vietnam is blessed with beautiful nature, from forests to mountains, from rivers to the the sea. But it has tremendous environmental problems. It needs a system to clear its garbage. The wild burning of most of the garbage is not a sustainable and not a healthy solution.


The people are mostly friendly and hard working. They are very family oriented.

The language is hard to learn for speakers who are not familar with tonal languages.

I have spent about one year in Vietnam, mostly in Da Nang, but also travelling from Hanoi to HCMC (former Saigon).

January, 2020